Anni Playschool


Anni Playschool works according schooling permission number 7318.

In Anni Playschool there are two groups: group for children aged 2-4 (12 children) and group for children aged 3-7 (14 children). The playschool follows principles of inclusive education and makes efforts to create equal educational possibilities for all children. Children with special educational needs are integrated among children with normal development and children speaking foreign language are integrated into Estonian language environment.

Anni Playschool is open from Monday to Friday at 7.30am-6pm.

Carrying out educational activities we value outdoor learning methodology and follow the quideline

“We are part of the nature!”.

Tuition fee

Anni`s Playshool tuition fee is 220 EUR per month for children with address registration of Tartu city. From tuition fee parent gets refund of child`s schooling costs respectively to Estonian income tax rate by submitting Declaration of income tax.

Catering expenses are covered by parents. Cost of the day according to caterer price calculation is 3,30 EUR per day (3 meals), special menu 3,65 EUR per day,



Anne Laan


Kerli Käärt


Kerli, Maarja, Silja

Teacher Assistants

Ivika, Margit

Speech Therapist

Music Teacher


Physical Education Teacher


Contact Us

OÜ Sverresson
Anni Lasteaed
Tamme pst 80A,
Tartu 50405

+372 520 3755


headmaster: Anne Laan (+372 5333 3110)
headteacher: Kerli Käärt (+372 5383 7084)